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Cincinnati Zoo – More than Just Animals

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The Cincinnati Zoo is a great place to spend the day. Discover the amazing animals who cohabit our planet and learn about conservation methods. Thrill to the unique 4-D Special F-X Theater. This season, choose from Yogi Bear’s antics, Wild Survivors, and A Turtle’s Adventure.

Cincinnati Zoo – Fiona

The Cincinnati Zoo is much more than animal displays. The Zoo is an active participant in conservation projects across the world. Most people are familiar with Fiona the Hippo. Her premature birth, subsequent survival and growth is a testimony to the Zoo’s dedication to their animals. Check out Fiona online  and try out some of Graeter’s Chunky Chunky Hippo Ice Cream while you watch!

Cincinnati Zoo – International Conservation Efforts

If Fiona is just too adorable and you need a break from all that cuteness, how about learning about the American Burying Beetle project? The Cincinnati Zoo is partnering with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Fernald Nature Preserve in Ohio to rear and release these critically endangered beetles. Commonly known as carrion beetles, these insects are active carcass recyclers. When these beetles find a dead animal, they will bury the carcass and use it to feed their larvae. This somewhat gruesome activity recycles the nutrients in the carcass back into the soil much more quickly than regular decay. Book a Behind-the-scenes experience to learn more about the Cincinnati zoo’s invertebrates.

Cincinnati Zoo – Local Conservation Efforts

The Cincinnati Zoo also works with local groups to conserve our native animals. The Zoo is working with the Joanie Bernard Foundation to spread the word about the importance of spaying and neutering house cats at low or no cost. Feral cats, in particular, are responsible for killing an estimated 1 to 4 billion birds and 6 to 22 billion mammals each year in the United States. Spaying and neutering cats help keep down the number of unwanted cats and slow the destruction of our native birds and mammals.
Enjoy the Zoo and all its good work. And if you want to move closer to the Zoo, let me know. I’ll help you find just the right home for you!

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