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Covered Bridges of Brown, Highland, and Clinton Counties

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In this blog, we’ll look at the last of the covered bridges around southwestern Ohio. At one point, Ohio had over 4,000 covered bridges. However, time and weather had taken their toll on the covered bridge count. Only about 142 bridges are left. In this edition, we’ll look at the nearby counties of Brown, Highland, and Clinton Counties.

Covered Bridges

Covered bridges protected the bridge structure from weather. T Uncovered wooden bridges have a 10 to 15-year lifespan. These covered bridges have lasted more than 100 years!
Early bridge builders aligned bridges at right angles to water flow. Many have sharp curves that lead into the entrance. These curves created problems for motorists. Several bridges have very sharp turns into them. Most are closed to vehicle traffic.

Brown County

Drive through the George Miller Road Covered Bridge (1879). It crosses the West Fork of Eagle Creek on George Miller Road. This Smith through truss bridge spans 152.9 feet.
Take a short walk through the Brown Bridge (1880) over Whiteoak Creek. This is another Smith through truss bridge. You’’ find it off the New Hope-White Oak Station Road.
The New Hope Covered Bridge (1878) is the longest single span covered bridge in Ohio. It spans Whiteoak Creek on Bethel New Hope Road. This Howe through truss is open to pedestrians only.
The North Pole Bridge (1875) doesn’t lead to Santa’s workshop. Instead, it crosses Eagle Creek on North Pole Road. The Smith through truss was renovated in 1965, but the 1997 floods damaged the structure.
The McCafferty Road Covered Bridge (1877) crosses the East Fork of the Little Miami River. Take McCafferty Road to drive through the Howe through truss.

Highland and Clinton County

The Lynchburg Covered Bridge (1870) crosses the Little Miami River, joining Highland and Clinton Counties. This Long truss bridge is located just outside Lynchburg, Ohio. After renovation, it is the only covered bridge converted to a pseudo-suspension infrastructure.

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