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vent haven museum

Vent Haven Museum

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vent haven museumThe Cincy area is home to some amazing museums, galleries and festivals. It’s also home to one of the most unique museums in the world. Imagine 900 ventriloquist dummies all waiting to watch you learn about this rare entertainment form! You can, at Vent Haven Museum in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky.

Vent Haven Museum

Cincinnati businessman, William Shakespeare Berger, spent sixty years collecting anything that had to do with ventriloquism. Berger also served as a president of the International Brotherhood of Ventriloquists. The odd name Vent Haven comes from the craft as well. Vent is slang for ventriloquist. The collection is housed in a former house. The museum hosts a “ConVENTion” every July for vents to work on their craft.

Vent Haven Museum Collection

Ventriloquism was a very popular form of entertainment. Possibly the best-known Ventriloquist pair was Edgar Bergan and Charles McCarthy. Now, people are most familiar with comedian Jeff Dunham. The collection includes replicas of Bergan’s dummies. Others are political – there’s Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan dummies. Others are dressed for their roles. People sometimes find the dummies to be scary. Their features are exaggerated so that everyone in the audience could see the facial expressions.
You’ll find lots of dummy heads as well. The heads were so important to the vent that they traveled in with the heads. The bodies were shipped in the baggage compartment. This gave rise to another famous ventriloquist act. Senor Wences came up with his dummy-head-in-a-box act when the body was lost in transit to a show.

Vent Haven Museum Hours

Vent Haven is open by appointment only from May to September. It’s located at 33 W Maple Ave in Fort Mitchell, KY. For more information, follow this link.
If you visit the museum and fall in love with the area, give me a call. I’ll help you find the perfect home for you in the Cincy area. Follow this link for a look at homes in the Fort Mitchell area.

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