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What is an Ohio Township?

What is an Ohio Township? 800 800 Cincinnati Real Estate | Rock N Roll Real Estate Team

Ohio has a lot of townships. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, an Ohio township is an unincorporated town with limited home rule powers.

Incorporated Towns

An incorporated town has a charter or other recognition by the state as a municipal corporation. The elected town council oversees police, fire protection, trash pickup and other commonly held services.

Unincorporated Towns

A collection of homes in a common area with no structure below the county level. These exist by tradition.

 Ohio Townships

In Ohio, 3,500 to 5,000 residents can petition to adopt home rule. More populous areas can adopt home rule by voter approval. Four non-partisan officials are elected once an Ohio township is approved, in general, . These include a financial officer and three trustees. The trustees oversee the commonly held services as in incorporated town. As the cities expand, townships can be incorporated into larger urban areas. Once that happens, they may still retain the township name. They are not governed as such.

Benefits/Drawbacks of Townships

Some people feel that townships offer a more rural, less structured lifestyles. Others feel that there is a lack of political clout for townships in the county system. There is also less control over aesthetic considerations – house vs mobile home, unkept yards, etc. As in all real estate matters, take time to research your questions. I can help guide you as you search for your perfect home!

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